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The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the leading Gurkha welfare charity. It was established in 1969 when it was realised that a great many elderly Gurkha soldiers and their dependents were living in destitution in Nepal. Many had served in the Second World War; however, they had not served the 15 years needed to qualify for an army pension. Recognising Britain’s debt of honour to these great men, TGWT was established to “relieve poverty and distress among Gurkha veterans of the Crown and their dependents”. Today, the Trust supports 7,475 Gurkhas and their widows in Nepal through the payment of a monthly Welfare Pension, an annual Winter Allowance of £10 per pensioner to cover the additional costs of living that occur in the harsher winter months in Nepal, emergency Hardship Grants to help when disaster strikes and, for those pensioners no longer able to live at home, residential care in two homes in Pokhara and Dharan.

It has always cared for the hill communities in which the Gurkha veterans live. The Rural Water and Sanitation Programme brings safe drinking water and clean sanitation to villages throughout Nepal, and its School Programme undertakes repairs and refurbishments to schools as part of its commitment to improve the education of the young.

The Trust also runs eight Mobile Medical and Dental Camps a year in Nepal, taking medical and dental care directly to the remote hill villages. Richard Plowman MGDS RCS (Eng), Principal of the Nyewood Dental Practice in Bognor Regis has worked as a volunteer dentist at the Trust’s Dental Camps for 8 years.

“In 1988, while serving as a Dental Officer with the Royal Air Force, I spent 6 weeks in Nepal providing dental treatment for our Service-men and ex-Servicemen and their families. I found Nepal to be an intoxicating country and although it is extremely rich scenically it is also extremely poor economically. The general dental health is poor with and there is limited access to any form of dental care especially in the isolated hillside villages of the Gurkhas. I was staying with the Commandant of the British Gurkha Camp at Pokhara, when he suggested that I should support the medical camp by providing a dental clinic.

This was the start of my association with the Trust and I am now about to begin my eighth trip and this time I am supporting their Welfare Centre at Butwal in Southern Nepal and their Residential Home in Pokhara. The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s staff provide exceptional care for these brave and loyal Ex-Soldiers and I feel privileged to be allowed to work alongside them and to become a temporary member of staff.”

As a registered charity (1103669), The Gurkha Welfare Trust relies on the generosity of the British people to fund its work. Without this support, the Trust’s care for our gallant Gurkha veterans in Nepal would cease and they would be left to live in destitution in their declining years. If you would like information on sponsoring a Welfare Pensioner or would like to support one of its specific projects, please contact the Trust on 01722 323955 or visit: gwt.org.uk

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